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Just an average cosplayer with a fujoshi lifestyle! I mostly reblog cool things that I find on my dash AHAHA. Just a warning, I do reblog NSFW posts from time to time.....I'm not too sorry. LOL. BEWARE MY OTP FEELINGS. Feel free to ask me anything, just press the nifty little ask button! ;D PLEASE READ MY FAQ BEFORE ASKING ANY QUESTIONS :3 If you want me to see something, tag "kanekocosplay"! I love you all! *SMOOCH!* - Kaneko
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  • You and Kaneko cosplay know each other right? Are we ever going to get some minkou fanservice? ;)

    Asked by Anonymous


    Haha it is funny you should mention that anon! kanekocosplay actually lives fairly close to me. We were talking about getting together for a shoot just last night! 

    I adore Chanelle. She seriously has one of the best Mink cosplays I have ever seen. So yes. Some MinKou goodness will be happening soon. 

    Ohohohohohoohohohoohoho ♡

    So for the few people who requested me to do a shoot with Koujackie.

    Here is your answer. ;3333

    So there was this couch at this booth at Yaoi Con. And my friend wanted me to take a picture on it.

    We asked the guys who ran the booth if it was okay to take photos on it.

    They said it was okay as long as the unicorn was in the photo.

    This is the result.

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