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Just an average cosplayer with a fujoshi lifestyle! I mostly reblog cool things that I find on my dash AHAHA. Just a warning, I do reblog NSFW posts from time to time.....I'm not too sorry. LOL. BEWARE MY OTP FEELINGS. Feel free to ask me anything, just press the nifty little ask button! ;D PLEASE READ MY FAQ BEFORE ASKING ANY QUESTIONS :3 If you want me to see something, tag "kanekocosplay"! I love you all! *SMOOCH!* - Kaneko
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  • Mink cosplay from DRAMAtical Murder

    Happy Birthday again to Mink from DRAMAtical Murder!

    When I first cosplayed this character, I didn’t expect at all to receive all the love and support that I have from everyone due to the controversy around the character in the DMMd fandom. 

    But everyone has been so warm and overwhelmingly sweet to me.

    This is a character I have really come to love so deeply. And I’m so happy to share this beautiful hall shot of my Mink cosplay at Yaoi Con 2014 by the AMAZING CosPortaits! Their work is gorgeous and I’ve admired their work for a while, so I was so honored to work with them at YCon. THANK YOU FOR TAKING MY PICTURE! 

    Photo by CosPortraits

    Mink by Kaneko

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